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Summary In English

I am a 66 years old Attorney-at-law, working in Oslo and located in the middle of Oslo. In 1962 I graduated from Burlingame High School south of San Fransisco, having been an exchange student on the American Field Service exchange program for one year. I graduated from law school at the University of Oslo in 1968 and became an attorney in 1971.

I worked with an Oslo law firm for my admittance to the bar, and then spent approximately 10 years working in the shipping business and in a large commercial bank, prior to becoming a partner with the law firm of Wiersholm, Bachke & Helliesen. I remained with the firm, now named Wiersholm, Mellbye & Bech for 13 years, and since 1994 I have had my own private law practice.
I have had a long, broad and extensive international practice working in the fields of shipping, banking and international financial law, also involving large commercial contracts of various types, and for many years I used the English language almost as much as my native tongue in my work. Most of this international work originated in London.

Since I started my own practice, however, most of my clients today are private persons and small companies, and I give advice on most aspects of those difficulties which arise during peoples’ lives. Consequently today I spend much time on matters involving family and inheritance law, claims for damages, insurance law, employment law, renting and real estate law. I write and assist in negotiating contracts, and, am truly a general practicioner. I appear in court from time to time, assisting clients with their law cases.